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We put our money where our mouth is

Cool To Connect


We had the pleasure of working with Cool To Connect to bring their vision to life for the ultimate new merchandise line. Our collaboration resulted in the creation of the "FEEL HOW YOU FEEL" crewnecks and "YOU'RE COOL, SAY IT BACK" long sleeve shirts – the epitome of cool-kid fashion.

Friday Burger Company

Caps + Hoodies

We had the pleasure of teaming up with this vibrant new restaurant, Friday Burger Company, to craft some retail swag that perfectly captures the core of their mouthwatering brand. Together, we envisioned and designed the back of their hoodies, cleverly capturing the essence of their delicious burgers – a visual treat with the Burger creatively nestled between the iconic "Friday[‘s]." Complementing this, we introduced chic embroidered caps, ideal for adding a touch of style to every day!

Molly's Market

Crewnecks + Totes

With a keen eye for detail, we specialize in crafting retail merch that seamlessly complements your brand essence. Our collaboration with Molly’s Market produced a line of trendy tote bags and cozy crewnecks, thoughtfully designed to mirror their company colours. Immerse yourself in this delectable visual experience, a feast as irresistible as their mouthwatering baked goods!


Quarter Zips

We joined forces with Paume to curate some company-branded quarter-zips that redefine corporate style. From making a bold impression at trade shows to enhancing team cohesion during company outings, these Canadian-made quarter-zips are the ultimate blend of comfort and quality. Paume's dedication to supporting local companies is more than a preference—it's a promise. That’s why we worked together to find the perfect piece of apparel that blends company values, fashion, and corporate identity.

Second Cup

Custom Signage & Swag

Teaming up with Second Cup for the Yorkdale Mall Latte Art Competition was as successful as their event! Elevating the barista experience, we provided stylish and comfortable apparel for participants, ensuring they make a statement as bold as their latte creations. Additionally, our collaborative efforts extended to creating captivating backdrops, eye-catching name badges, and distinctive signage, transforming the competition into a captivating visual spectacle.

Wilfred Laurier University

Business Competition Swag

We proudly collaborated with Laurier University for the JDC Central Case Competition, a premier Canada-wide business competition that includes academic cases for 8 business disciplines, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments, social competitions, and charity contributions. Our mission was clear: to elevate Laurier's team spirit with a unique array of swag that resonated with their distinctive school identity. From embroidered winter jackets, quarter-zips with matching sweatpants and bucket hats, we tailored a variety of products to set Laurier apart on every front.

Royal Stone Group

Custom Mailer Box

When Royal Stone sought to make a lasting impression on their clients, we rose to the challenge, crafting custom mailer boxes that speak volumes about their company and industry. Picture this: stress balls for those high-pressure moments, a caffeine fix in the form of a beautifully branded mug, and a handy screwdriver, pen, and ruler reflecting their construction expertise. Our custom box production ensures a perfect fit for each item, creating a personalized and unforgettable experience for Royal Stone's sales team.

Ivey Business School

Orientation Week Swag

Welcome to a world where school spirit meets style! We had the pleasure of collaborating with the prestigious Ivey Business School at Western University to elevate their Orientation Week to new heights. Imagine a sea of incoming students decked out in trendy tees, showcasing their newfound school pride. But we didn't stop there – our attention to detail extended to the leaders, who were outfitted in a stunning array of windbreakers, bucket hats, fanny packs, custom socks, and cozy sweaters. Our commitment is to transform your vision into tangible expressions of pride and unity.



When 1Milk2Sugars envisioned an unforgettable wellness retreat, we were there to turn their vision into reality. Picture the chicest terry cloth bucket caps, perfect for both style and comfort, and "Out of Office" beach towels that capture the essence of relaxation.

Village Grocer

Custom Toques

We had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with The Village Grocer, a beloved local Unionville establishment, to create some cozy winter toques that beautifully embody the essence of their iconic brand. We incorporated their signature Village Grocer green to evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth coupled with careful attention to detail with their embroidered logo to perfectly reflect the cherished community hub that is The Village Grocer.


Baseball Caps

We're thrilled to have partnered with TUMS to create custom embroidered caps for their nationwide mailer campaign across Canada. Collaborating closely with TUMS, we designed these ’47 Brand caps to not only offer practical relief but also to infuse a touch of style into everyday life. As recipients across the country received their mailer boxes, they were greeted with not only relief but also a fashionable accessory that embodies TUMS' dedication to comfort and well-being.

Hockey with Heart


We had the honour of collaborating with Hockey with Heart for their impactful 2023 Hockey Helps The Homeless tournament, where we provided custom-embroidered vests for all participants. Together, we designed these vests to reflect the spirit of the event, along with a ’23 to commemorate the year, combining practicality with style. Each vest was meticulously crafted with the Hockey with Heart logo, symbolizing unity and support. As participants donned these vests, they not only showcased their commitment to the cause but also wore a tangible reminder of their contribution to making a difference in their community.